Although Nakima and I got our feet wet in the ring together, Nakima decided dogs and dog shows were simply beneath her. Dogs were too smelly and judges were much to touchy- feely, (she also hated wet feet!), thus,  she was spayed at 8 pts to resume her position as queen of all comfy spots around the house. Through the years with every new path I chose Nakima would always be waiting for me at the end of each one.


April 21/87-August 2000  

I will never replace ,the empty space

you left, as tears roll down my face

All the years we spent, the joy, the torment                         

the critical eyes, we chose to forget

We learned together

but you taught me much more....

to reach for your dreams, and the eyes you ignore

My champion you will always be

When you lived, When you died and before                                                                                                                         

I miss you more than words, my beautiful girl!  Cavell

Hold fast to your dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken wing and cannot  fly. Langston Huges